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There are several aspects to the construction details of bathroom decoration. Thresholds, waterproofing, floor tiles, circuits, walls, and floor drains are all key parts. These construction details can help achieve a better decoration effect.

There are several aspects to the construction details of bathroom decoration. Thresholds, waterproofing, floor tiles, circuits, walls, and floor drains are all key parts. These construction details can help achieve a better decoration effect.

1. Construction skills of bathroom threshold
The threshold is the first pass of the bathroom, which plays the role of waterproofing and dividing space in the bathroom, and also has the meaning of gathering wealth in Feng Shui. The key point of the construction design of the threshold is to pay attention to the slope of the upper surface of the threshold to the inside of the bathroom, so that the water can smoothly slide to the floor drain inside the bathroom. The second point of the threshold construction is to be the same width as the door frame, and the door frame must be the same thickness as the wall, so that the dimensions can be the same when laying floor tiles, which is very effective in preventing breakage.

2. Waterproof construction techniques for bathroom floors
At present, the materials used for ground waterproofing are mainly waterproofing agents. When laying the waterproof layer of the bathroom, it must be laid 20 cm above the foot of the wall. The height of the waterproof layer cannot be lower than the height of the threshold. When pipelines are reserved on the ground, the waterproof layer should enclose the reserved pipes. After the waterproof layer is completed and dried, cement mortar should be used as a primer immediately to prevent damage to the waterproof layer.

3. Details of laying floor tiles
When laying floor tiles, pay attention to the thickness of the joints of the floor tiles and align them with the joints of the wall tiles; the floor tiles must have a drain slope. If a bathtub is installed in the bathroom, the front wall of the bathtub must be bricked and tiled. Floor tiles are best Stick to the bottom of the wall first, and then stick the wall tiles to avoid breaks.

4. Details of bathroom circuit laying
The wire joints in the bathroom should be tinned, and should be wrapped with waterproof tape and insulating tape to ensure safety and prevent leakage. All wire bodies must be covered with flame-retardant tubes, switches and sockets should preferably have moisture-proof boxes, or be installed in dry areas.

5. Detail of bathroom wall tiles
Before tiling the wall, make sure that the wall is flat and smooth, and must be seamed and aligned with the floor tiles to ensure the integrity of the wall and the ground.

6. Construction details of bathroom floor drain
Generally, the reserved holes for drainage of new houses are relatively large when they are handed over. This requires attention to repair the reserved holes for drainage to match the floor drain purchased. In order to prevent hair, sludge, sand and other dirt from entering, the opening diameter of the refurbished floor drain grate should be controlled between 6-8mm.

7. Installation details of bathroom facilities
When installing sanitary ware and other facilities in the bathroom, the distance of the drain holes should be recorded before the decoration, and the bathtub, bathroom, toilet, wash basin and other sanitary ware should be selected according to the size, so as to avoid the inappropriate size during the decoration.

8. Toilet installation details
The traditional toilet installation and construction use cement mortar to fill the toilet on the ground. This method has a big defect, that is, once the toilet needs to be reinstalled or the pipeline is seriously blocked, the toilet has to be knocked out. To avoid this situation, it is more appropriate to adopt a dry construction method, that is, to install through pre-embedded nylon wall bolts and installation of toilet installation holes.

9. Installation details of washbasin
If you want to choose the "full body" washbasin, you cannot choose the one with only one surface rubber shell, because the countertop with only the surface rubber shell cannot be repaired once it is damaged. (To check whether the countertop is "full body", light can be used to illuminate it from the back at a close distance, and the "full body" countertop is the one that can transmit light. In addition, a caulking agent must be applied to the joint between the countertop and the washbasin to prevent water from seeping out.

10. Installation details of exhaust fan
The exhaust fan can help the bathroom to avoid moisture trouble. When installing the exhaust fan, pay attention to install the retrograde gate to prevent the humid and dirty air from flowing back.

11. Installation details of doors and windows
When installing the doors and windows of the bathroom, pay attention to the door boundary, and it is better to be slightly higher than that in the bathroom.

Bathroom decoration is a very important item in home decoration, and it is also the most complicated and cumbersome decoration. There are many details in bathroom decoration that need attention. If these details are ignored, the comfort and safety of the bathroom will be greatly reduced. The quality of life at home will have a great impact in the future. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that details determine success or failure and perfection.